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The Focus System

The Focus System is a multi sensory program based on the Polyvagal theory and works with the brain's own neuroplasticity.  It combines listening to therapeutic music through specialized headphones which use both air and bone conduction providing both auditory and sensory input.  Additionally, it uses specific movements which target balance, coordination and body organization as well as cognitive and social tasks to up the challenge.  In the clinic we also use it with yoga, zootherapy, and functional movement.  But most importantly, t's really fun! 

This system has been used to help people  with difficulties such as poor attention, learning differences, anxiety and depression,  sensory integration challenges, behavioural regulation problems, trouble with social connection, memory and sleep.  It is also used for those healing from brain injuries. 

The Focus System is done in clinic and rental of the equipment can facilitate the program being done at home.  Ideally clients will do 2-4 hours per week of the program to see the best possible benefits - so that home rental can be really helpful.  The number of sessions (hours) total required depends on the client's needs.  It can be as little as 10 and as much as 60.   Within the system there are six different programs and an in depth assessment is done first to determine exactly what program is best for you.  

We suggest you complete the Safe and Sound Protocol before diving in the the Focus System.

Learn more about the Focus Protocol on the iLS website.

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