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Michelle Sands, D.O.

Michelle has worked for 20 years as a yoga teacher and Pilates instructor, where she specialized in working with clients with chronic pain, injuries and illness. This love of movement and meditative practice forms the foundation of her work as an osteopath.  She believes deeply in the intelligence of the human body and works with care and respect for each of her clients.

Michelle completed her B.SC. in Applied Zoology at McGill University  in 2000, before pursuing her studies at the College d'Études Ostéopathique de Montréal. She is an avid lover of nature and invites animals to participate in her practice. She has completed specialized courses in the areas of pregnancy, pediatrics,  geriatrics, chronic pain and brain trauma.  

Michelle is a member of Ostéopathie Québec

Michelle est membre de Ostéopathie Québec

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