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Osteopathy with Michelle 

Osteopathy embraces the philosophy that the human body has an innate ability to heal and aims to help it return to its natural vitality by considering the person as a whole.  It is a gentle, hands on approach. 

Michelle has a varied clientele.  She's worked with babies as young as 2 days old and seniors in their 90's, pregnant women, dancers, extreme sports athletes, people in chronic pain and those with acute injuries.  She has a special love of working with children with neurodiversities, people with brain injuries and those recovering from PTSD and burnout.  But really, she's just IN LOVE with the human body-mind system and loves helping people reach their own inner potential.

Michelle also works alongside her faithful doggie companions Lily and Penelope.  If you prefer not to work with animals please just let her know.  Please note - the office is on the second floor of the stables so if you suffer allergies to dogs or horses or cats, let her know so she can find another option for you. 

Sessions are 55 minutes and include an intake, full body assessement and an osteopathic intervention. Great care is taken to tailor each session to your specific needs and she works together with each client to set goals that are both realistic and joyful.

Michelle is a member of RITMA and can offer insurance receipts.

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