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Integrative Equine Sessions 

What is an Integrative Equine Session? I’m glad you asked. It’s a new term. I made it up! 

Anytime you go for osteopathy there is a portion of the session that is reserved for what we call an integration phase. I like to describe it as the point where we put all those individual parts of the body-brain-spirit that we worked on back together so that you leave feeling like one whole, rather than a collection of parts. I might do that by holding your head and asking you to breathe, or asking you to move your hands and feet, or giving you exercises to do with me right away.   

What I’ve observed is that there is a really profound way to do this that my hands alone can’t match- and that’s to do some integration with a horse! 


What we know is that being with a horse is a beautiful way to experience our nervous system in balance and safety through co-regulation. They “read” our emotions and act as crystal clear mirrors. Their feedback can help us take that relaxed, balanced post-osteopathy feeling out into the world and into action. 

Additionally, riding a horse activates our cross chain motor patterns (the same patterns we use when we walk or run), increases circulation, activates proper tone in our core muscles (not too tight, not too loose), improves coordination and posture, relieves stress, stimulates the release of oxytocin and endorphins which makes us feel happy!  In short they’re magic and they’re so stinking beautiful. 

Your whole team: your osteopath, your horse,  your instructor and you- will work together with care to tailor each session to your unique need.  Sessions are 30-60 minutes and can be booked at the same times as your Osteopathy session.

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