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The Safe and Sound Protocol

The Safe and Sound Protocol is a sound based intervention which aims to stimulate the vagus nerve - one part of our autonomic nervous system responsible for "resting and digesting".  Toning the vagus nerve can help us feel calmer, more open to experiences, receptive to learning, and promotes social engagement.  In a nutshell, it helps us feel relaxed and safe.

This protocol has been used around the world as an adjunct to other therapies to help put clients in a receptive, relaxed state, making other forms of therapy more effective.  It can be done with children and adults alike and we love having a whole family go on this journey together.  It is done partly in clinic with supplemental listening that can be done at home. 

The protocol uses specially filtered music which is listened to via over the ear headphones and is offered in three phases, a preparatory phase, an intervention phase and and integration phase. The speed at which a client might complete all three phases is between 10 days and 3 months depending on the client.  We're all different! Some of us need to proceed more slowly that others and that's ok.   There is no need to rush.

In osteopathy we have long known the importance the vagus nerve plays in our physical and mental well-being.  It's a pretty special nerve and if you'd like to know  more, please look at the work of Dr Porges the father of the Polyvagal Theory, upon which this protocol is based.

Learn more about the Safe and Sound Protocol on the iLS website.

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