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Yoga & Horseback Riding Day Retreats

What could be better than a day in the woods with Yoga, Pilates and horses?

Held in the picturesque outdoor Yoga Space nestled in the pines at Colibri Stables, this day is meant to serve as an opportunity to slow down the body-mind, reconnect with our inner selves, each other and  mother nature.  Gentle, introspective, with a good amount of giggles.

All levels of yoga practitioner and rider are welcome. Maximum 8 participants.


The day consists of a morning Pilates class, Guided meditative forest walk and visit to the beaver lodge, Horseback riding lesson, afternoon Yoga class, Meditation and journalling, and a fireside dinner. 

150$ tax included * includes dinner but please bring your lunch and snacks

Summer 2021 dates:                           Fall 2021 dates:                            *Additional dates can be added 

June 27th                                                 September 26th                               by request

July  11th                                                  October 10th          

August 29th                   

To register or for more information please e-mail me at:

This Retreat is offered in English.

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